Sunday, July 31, 2011

My heart aches for the world.

This weekend was such a blessing to have International Students who go to University of Nebraska Lincoln come out to the church and two girls stayed in our homes. I loved it all so much. My heart was so blessed and it made me have so much of a heart for Asia. :) Two kids accepted Christ!

Lately human-trafficking has been on my heart and I want so badly to go and save girls out of brothels. I want them to know that they have worth and they are loved. I want to them to know the love of Christ and have a relationship with Him.

My heart cries out to do more! I know that I am serving in Tijuana and that I am headed to Africa but what MORE can I do!?!?! I am crying out to God. He is just breaking my heart constantly. This morning at church a group of teens and some adults went to Haiti and did VBS through the same mission I will be going to Africa with. Tears streamed down my face as I looked at those beautiful children in Haiti and how I long to hold the kids in Africa.

I have a feeling one day the Lord will send me to Haiti and all over. I want so badly to be helping kids and women in human trafficking. ONE DAY! Patience is important! But we need to wake up to the world around us. We need to realize that the world is bigger than just our house, our family, our town, our state, and our country. People are starving, suffering, enslaved, rapped constantly, and longing to hear the word of God. AND they need US to love them.

I heard my Pastor say this morning that Americans gave like $145 million dollars to missions last year BUT spent $304 million dollars in chewing gum. Where is your heart? What do you care about? When will we wake up and step out of our comfort to be who God has called us to be. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

When will we wake up?

I have been thinking a lot lately about my walk with the Lord and how it should truly be looking like. And what I mean by "looking like" I mean.. how do I look like to the eyes of Jesus and to the gospel that HE presented? In the eyes of some of the people around me I think they have this view of me that is so funny at times. I have become this "missionary girl" or that is my "missionary friend"... Its like I have been put on this weird step up... And let me tell you all now that I am a sinner and so ridiculous. I am selfish and I struggle. I gave up my life a long time ago to the Lord and every day He is working on my heart. On the mission field I have been put to the test... satan has his way of attacking in every way he can. But I always run to the Lord and ask for his protection because I realized a long time ago that I need help, I can't do this alone.

Today I was talking with different Pastors in McCook about speaking at their churches about my love for the Lord and the work that He is doing in Tijuana. One of them told me that he talked to the elders and didn't think that they had time this summer to have me come speak. Then he asked me to tell him about what I do. I said, I live/work at an orphanage, help at a hospice, help at an Old Folks Home, build homes for poor families, and other things. He said, yeah... but how are you speaking the gospel? I want to know what you do and the mission you work with do, to give people the gospel?

I was struck by that... I wanted to say, didn't I just tell you that? Serving. Loving. Having Compassion. Building Relationships. Giving. Isn't that showing the gospel? Doesn't God call us in 1 John 3:18- "Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth."

Someone else asked me that similar question before too-- I said, well we have Bible Studies almost every night at the orphanage. We pray with the kids. They have VBS and lots of other the things. I don't tell about that all the time because I feel like it is natural that we tell them about Jesus. When we build a home for the family, we share with them how much God loves them and one of my favorite things Israel, the director of house building and the orphanage, says, "we are building two homes today. One for your physical body and one for your heart. We are letting you know that the hole in your heart, the longing that you feel.. can only be filled by Jesus."

Sometimes I think that I should tell the stories more-- but sometimes I feel like a failure because I haven't "prayed" with someone to come to Christ on this trip, this time or whatever. But then I realize that we are building a house in a persons life. We are laying the cement or nailing up the walls or putting on the roof... one day we pray that it will all fit together and be finished. But, maybe I was just suppose to be the person who did a piece in the beginning or middle.. and that i don't get to see the end. the new creation. the fruit.

I believe that God calls us to meet people where they are-- be there for them. Through it all. I love the kids at the orphanage with everything that I am and I long for them to know Christ BUT i can't force them to know Jesus. They are the ones that have to make that choice. I can stick beside them, pray for them, and love them along the way. Its living the gospel OUT. Being an example. I once heard a missionary say, "How can you tell a woman, with her starving child in her arms, that Jesus loves her but not feed her baby?" That has stuck with me ever since. Helping meet someones physical needs opens a bigger door to helping them meet their spiritual needs as well. Building relationships and trust-- are HUGE.

We need to challenge ourselves to truly live out the gospel with our lives... If we love people like Jesus does than they will know the difference. I talk about God normally to everyone, no matter if they are a Christian or not. There is no harm in talking about someone you love with all your heart. I have noticed that when you don't push but just be real-- people will respect you for it.

I need to wake up more and more to the person God wants me to be. I need to challenge myself and hunger for His word. Who are you with Christ? Do you just know Him as the one you said a prayer to once so you got your ticket to heaven? Or do you really know Him as the awesome and holy Savior that He says He is?

** the pictures I put up along with this are pictures
that I love that I found with African Children. Also I edited this one with words and stuff-- it reminds me how blessed we are and how I need to pray.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pictures of my babies in Mexico!

Here is a video of pictures of the kids at City of Angels. This shows my time that I spent in Tijuana on my last mission.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hugs, Gum, Peanut Butter, and Lots of Love

‎"If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all."
-Isaiah 7:9

The Lord is great and constantly amazing me with His great power. I was so blessed by my last couple weeks at City of Angels. Some of my favorite moments were the kids sharing that they would pray for me on my trip to Africa. It was so humbling to have them hug me goodbye and to hear them say I love you. The morning I left I went into their rooms and hugged each of them goodbye at like 6am. The best moment was hugging my beautiful Jeovany... he woke up and raised his arms up. He squeezed me really tight then fell back asleep haha. I was stuck for a little bit. :)

I thank the Lord everyday for bringing the people of Tijuana into my life. I know that
they are my family and I can't wait to hug them again in January- God willing. My next moment is off to Africa, I hope! I still need to raise more funds but I am a strong believer that if the Lord wants me there I will be. I have dreamed for years for the moment of being in Africa. Holding the children... living with the people... being in their culture.. I long for it. I love the people even before meeting them.

I was convicted lately that I need to become nonmaterialistic and really go through my things to give away or sell so the money can go towards my missions. I also had some time reading and I am constantly reminded that God CHOSE us. He chose me to be in Tijuana... He has a
purpose and even though I don't deserve it.. He uses me.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support. The Lord is definitely working in Tijuana and I constantly pray for the lives of those children. I would do anything for them to truly know the love of God and to have a real personal relationship with Him.

Another cute story- One day i was sitting on the couch in the orphanage when 7 year old Arnold comes up to me and yells, Tenielle! I have been hit! I looked at him in shock...
then he screamed, WITH GUM! I began to laugh... I was like okay how did that happen? he said, i don't know maybe someone put it there, or when I was rolling on the ground, or it was on the wall.. haha I couldn't stop laughing. I said, well lets get some peanut butter.. he said, Im not hungry. haha I said no its for your hair. I tried but then we just got peanut butter all over so then someone cut it out. It was dramatic and hilarious.

I miss those moments and the hugs so much.