Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Busy life.. but good times and lots of hugs.

Wow! Life has been so crazy and busy. The orphanage has had group after group bringing gifts to the kids and throwing them fun parties. What a blessing! Right now a lot of the kids are away with family members.. we are done to like 15 kids right now. Which is okay. I have been super busy trying to keep up with the season and trying to find gifts for children who don't have anything in the area. Finally we are finding some things and going to wrap them tomorrow. I am excited to see it all work out.

My friend Jesus who is 23 and has kidney failure
is struggling tremendously. At the beginning of the month he was suppose to get his transplant. He went
to his "last" appointment with his doctor and found out that his doctor is moving to a different state in Mexico and he has to find another doctor to do the surgery. So he has to start theprocess all over again! I cried when i found out the news. I couldn't believe it! We were so close for this boy to be healthy again. I don't understand. So we are checking into other hospitals in Tijuana to see if they will take him. But it is going to be a lot money we believe. So I have a feeling we will be having some fund-raisers soon for this young man. His faith astounds me. He was like Tenielle, it will all be okay. God has a plan. I was like this is crazy! He is in a lot of pain.. his blood count is down and he can't breath well because of all the water pushing on his lungs. He said to me the other day, "tenielle, all i want is to drink some water! please can i just have a glass of water." Sometimes it hits me like a ton of bricks that he can't even drink water.. he is always thirsty. This young man is so special in my heart. I believe God gave me a special love for him. I would do anything to see him healthy. A friend and I are going to go buy some food for him and his family. They are super poor and he is just eating beans and rice. He needs fruits and veggies and things.. he needs to be healthy. One day i believe that my friend will have this surgery and will live a life without dialysis.

It is raining a lot and streets are flooded. It is tough to drive but we are getting by.. trying not to leave to much. This Christmas is going to be good. I can't wait to be with the kids on Christmas and just share it with them. One of the little girls, Ana, asked me what my family was doing for Christmas.. I told her that they will have a party and things. I said that a lot of people are going to be there but i decided that it was more important to spend my Christmas with you, my beautiful Ana! She smiled super big. I love the kids here so much. I am planning on Christmas day to go hand out food to the homeless by the border with some Mexican teens that I go to church with. I think it will be such a good experience.

I thank the Lord everyday for these wonderful
people and even though I struggle I know that I
am here for a reason. When I hug the kids I can't
help but think... seriously WHO AM I to deserve to be in their lives? Such amazing children with gorgeous smiles and warm hearts.

I am working with another mission now too.. they are building two homes and a new clinic in the area. I am working with emailing the people who donate and keeping track of the donations. It is a lot of work but it is good. They begin the build next week and I hope it doesn't rain! This mission is such a blessing too.

I visited the Hospice the other day and it was amazing. I had missed them so much.. it had been a few weeks. They were so excited that I came. They were like.. YOU ARE HERE!!! It was so cute. I hugged them all super tight and saw some upsetting things but every time I go I realize that my heart is always with them. They are super special and amazing. I sang some songs for them and just talked for awhile. They smiled so big when I sang in Spanish. My friend, Raul, is a patient there and he was struggling with different things but he talked and everything. he was doing good.. well this time he was laying in a bed and looked so different. He had two blood clots to the brain and almost died. He can't talk anymore. i could tell by the look in his eyes that he knew who i was when i walked in. He looked at me with such want and desperation. I prayed with him and held his hand for awhile. He kept rubbing my hand. ONe of the workers said that he is usually really angry and doesn't like anyone around. I said, "well he seems okay with me.. maybe its because he remembers me." Alex, the worker, said... yah maybe with a big smile haha.

Well i hope you all have a Merry Christmas, thinking of the ONE who loves you the most. :) In church the other day the Pastor said something like, "The kingdom of God has dinner with the homeless and prostitutes." I was thinking about that a lot... The kingdom of God is not comfortable but challenging and real! Hugging the orphans.. feeding the hungry.. taking care of the sick.. and giving love to those who need it. This Christmas may we truly be the body of Christ and give.. not just receive.