Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Working on my heart

This last weekend went really well in Ohio. We raised over $1000 for Sergio and the orphanage. It was such a blessing. I found myself crying by the end of each speech. Saturday night we had a special benefit dinner. I sang and spoke at that for quite awhile. Also Sergio’s granddaughter was there to talk about her time of living in the orphanage and growing up with the kids.

I talked about everything that I could think of. It seems that I walk on the stage really not knowing what I will say but God just speaks through me and leaves me in tears by the end. I truly love the people in Tijuana and I can’t imagine my life without them. They are such blessings and have changed my life forever.

Sunday morning was fun. I was able to sing with the worship team and talk a little about everything. The church that I was with is a multi-racial and multi-cultural church but most of the people are black. I was actually the only white person on the worship team. Haha. It was interesting… they sing songs that I know but in a different way so I had fun doing something different.

Israel the director of the orphanage had surgery yesterday but is doing great. He is taking some days off to heal and just rest. I believe the rest is what he needed anyways. He hasn’t had a day off in a long time. I am in Chicago right now in the airport waiting for my flight to San Diego. I am so excited to see the kids today! I have missed them in the last five days that I have been gone. I can’t wait to hug and kiss them. J

The Lord has been working on my heart a lot this weekend. I have had time just to think and relax… and just be away. I mean I was busy some days but other days I just watched movies and spent time with different people. The sermon was about not worrying and being a “Robin hood” for Christ. I needed the part about not worrying. I mean I know that our God is all powerful and in control but I still fight when I feel lost. I hate letting people get to me, especially when they treat me bad and I’m trying to evaluate what is wrong with me. I need to realize that I am important to Christ and what He thinks of me is the only thing that matters. I am trying to figure out my security in Christ but I have a feeling it will be a constant battle for some time.

I am super excited because the Pastor of church came up to me and told me that he is going to talk to the elders about supporting Sergio monthly! What a blessing and exactly what we need! I know Go brought me to Sergio and Baja Vision Ministries at this time for a reason… and one of those reasons is to help set up this support system for Sergio so he can keep doing what he loves to do.

I thank God for this weekend and I know that it was all in His hands. But now I’m so ready to be back in Mexico and at the orphanage. The more I come back to America the more I realize it’s not my home. I find that I don’t even miss home very often when I’m in Mexico and that the people I work with have become family to me and Tijuana has become not comfortable but a home for my weary heart.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My life right now

Right now I am in Colombus, Ohio for the weekend. I am talking at a church here on behave of Baja Vision Ministries to raise money for my orphanage and Sergio. I feel that this time has been relaxing and kind of a free time to go through different thoughts of my life. Mexico has been super busy! Last week I spent almost every single day building a house with a group from Nebraska. It was kind of tough for me because I hardly saw any of my kids. I would leave in the morning before they wake up and get back when they were in bed. It was super crazy and time just flew by.

Right now my friend Atheana is staying at the orphanage for two weeks. She came two days before I left to come to Ohio. I know the Lord will touch her heart in this time. There is another guy who is staying at the orphanage who just graduating from high school and is from northern California. I enjoy having other Americans around and it seems different though sometimes. I have gotten used to having to deal with my broken spanish to talking to everyone in it so to be able to speak complete english to someone is nice.

My spanish has been growing a lot. I feel like I am understanding a lot more recently. I really have to listen and think. I wish i could speak it better though. One day I know that I will. I have been thinking a lot about moving full time to Mexico. I truly feel at home when im staying at the orphanage and working with everyone. Sergio blows me away and brings tears to my eyes with his amazing stories and faith. But i have also been thinking a lot about Africa and talking to someone about going there for like 6 months. I guess I will just wait and see where the Lord leads me.

Please be praying for Sergio and all of us. We need to be lifted up. Right now we are struggling with money in the ministry but God is faithful. We are trying really hard to raise some support and I hope everything works. I am just trying to give it all to God since I have no control. haha

thanks again for all your support and prayers so far! I cant believe i have been living in Tijuana for around a month and 1/2 so far.