Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Visiting for a week in March!

So I was able to go from march 7th-15th to visit my wonderful 2nd family in Tijuana. :) It was a great time of reconnecting and just hugging the people. I love them so much and it was so good to hold the kids again and talk to the people face to face.

I am planning on going back in May for at least 2 months. I really felt as i was sitting there last week that this was my home and I never wanted to leave. I love serving there and feel so fulfilled. So I am praying to see if God wants me to move there for a long time to serve. :)

My Spanish is getting better and I am growing a lot in the Lord. It is such a sweet time. I do struggle but the Lord is SO faithful. I think this summer will be a great new learning experience. Can't wait!

This trip 3 of my friends came with.. Chelsea, Kellanie, and Atheana. I don't know exactly how the week was for them completely.. sometimes it is hard to process. But it was a good time.

During the Week we were able to live at the orphanage that I did before, City of Angels! I adore and cherish those kids so much. It was so special to walk in and hear them screaming my name and attacking me :) My eyes filled up with tears in that moment realizing that the remembered me. I felt so loved! We were able to visit the Hospice twice. My sweetest moment was seeing my friend David standing and walking! He has a severe case of Epilepsy.. where he has seizures all the time and he can't walk and he talks with a bad stutter. BUT for the first in the year and half that i have know him he was standing and walking! My eyes filled with tears as i noticed he is taller than me! He told me he loved me in spanish and english. it was pretty amazing!

We got visit another orphanage, the old folks home, and some families. I loved seeing my friend Jesus (Chuy) again. He has such a great spirit. He is the one with kidney failure and he is 22 years old. I love him with such a passion... i just want to give him my kidney. We are hoping in the new month for him to get his transplant. He needs so much encouragement right now. So be praying for him. So much happened in that week.. i can hardly remember what happened what days.. haha. I loved spending time with Sergio again. He calls me his daughter from America! We are super close. I can't wait to work with him again this summer.

Well ask me if you want to know more stories. I miss Mexico so much. It has a huge place in my heart and I am just ready to live there full time. :) I guess we will see what the Lord will do!

keep the SON in your eyes,