Wednesday, October 14, 2009

hey no internet

SO we dont have internet at the orphanage right now... crazy times. so i go to an internet store every once in awhile. i will be posting my journal soon i hope.

thanks for all the prayers

Friday, October 2, 2009

what a wonderful and beautiful God we serve!

September 30, 2009- Wednesday- Day 42

So I have to start out saying that right after I wrote this journal entry my document had an error and it was deleted. I was like what this never happens! I was a little angry but I think it was because this is going to bless someone and Satan doesn’t want it too. So here we go again…

Last night I woke up really sick and was until the morning. I decided it was time to go to the doctor. I had been putting it off all month but I couldn’t handle all the stomachaches and everything. So I talked to my leader Israel and he called the doctor that he and his family goes too. I was excited that the doctor spoke some English and we worked hard to understand each other. He asked me some questions and then he had me lay down. After checking some things he said you have Collidus (sp?) and it is something you are not going to die from but you will have to adjust to it. You are going to have to give up flour, spicy foods, and peppers. Also you have to make sure to eat 3 meals a day, drink lots of water, take some medication, and eat super healthy.

I was excited to know what it was but then it hit that flour is in a lot of things! I paid the $25 for the visit—so cheap—and then we were on our way. Thoughts tore through my mind about how I was going to have to adjust especially being here in Mexico. Israel took me to the beach to see the ocean since it had been awhile and he said Tenielle everything is going to fine... don’t worry. He loves and cares for me so much. I started thinking about how crazy it was… I think this is all Satan trying to get me to be miserable and to leave. But I am not going anywhere and my Lord is still Lord! Satan needs to get away! I believe God has some amazing stuff in store for me and that is why all these thoughts of what I have to give up are coming. I mean I know that I’m not going to be able to have most breads, pizza, pastas, bagels, some crackers, onion rings, friend chicken, peppers, salsa, and much more plus I should give up pop but I can still serve the Lord.

We got back to the orphanage and I was kind of down but I decided that this was the best time to have some great God time. I started to practice some worship songs in Spanish when I remembered that Alex from the Hospice gave me a verse yesterday to look up. And it was perfect… exactly what I needed. “God is not unjust; he will NOT forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”- Hebrews 6:10. Our God is still God and I know he loves me so much. Satan tries to get us down by having thoughts go through our mind that life is horrible but I know that hey its just food! I think about my amazing friends at the hospice suffering and I realize how great I have it… all the blessings God has showered on me.

After awhile Israel and his wife took me to find my medication and some things for my friend Jesus (Chewy). We had to go to like five different pharmacies but we finally found the medication and it is almost $1 per pill and I have to take 2 a day. The doctor said I should take them for 1-2 months. Wow $60 a month… I can’t even imagine how much they would be in the US. Israel bought me his favorite ice cream after that and talked to me. (The ice cream is SO amazing) he kept saying remember everything is going to be ok and you will make it through all this.

We headed to a different orphanage… one that Sergio started a long time ago called City of Refuge. It was huge… they had 70 kids! They invited me to come out for a day. I am excited to see what that one is like. What an interesting day but hey you never know what to expect when you wake up… my plan is to live out each day to the full here! I am not going to let sickness tear me down… I want to give each day to God’s hands and let Him mold me into what He wants.

October 1, 2009- Thursday- Day 43

I woke up this morning feeling better about life and trying to trust God in all he had for me. I said good morning to the kids and then hung out with them until school time. I was planning on spending the day at the hospice but God had something different planned. Sergio showed up and took me around with him. We went to Jesus’ house and dropped off some stuff… we visited a family where it was a mom who had lost her job. She has five kids and a baby granddaughter living with her and their fridge is completely empty. They were so sweet and we talked to the mom about how to trust God through hard times and that God will provide. I gave her the money from my pocket and Sergio gave her some… it wasn’t much but it was enough to buy some food for a while.

My heart broke seeing her cry… they were hitting rock bottom and needed help. Sergio said he had this feeling he needed to go visit her today and he was right. J We left there and he took me to see the other orphanage that he built and a women’s shelter that his daughter runs. It was pretty neat to meet one of his daughters and to see where a lot of his vision had started. He also showed me where he started Baja Vision ministries and their first church. The people invited me to come back and spend the day with them… playing some music and other things.

We went to Sergio’s sisters house next for her birthday and so I met some more of his family. They were very nice people. After that we headed back to the orphanage and a group was there… one of my favorite people is there leader! His name is Ken and he is from the San Francisco area. He has come down three times since I have been here and he blesses me so much every time. I hung out with the kids and the group and then we went to get tacos. Right when we were heading out Ken invited one of my favorite boys from the area to go. His name is David and he is such a sweetie…. Always smiling and he loves Jesus a lot. I sat with David most of the time at the taco stand talking about his schooling and everything. After a while someone from the group came to talk to me. His name is David to and he is originally from Mexico. We got to talk about my dreams of missions and what God is doing in my heart and everything. It was a good talk. I almost cried telling him some of the things that have happened to me so far. Christ is truly working!

Tomorrow I get to work with the group in building a new orphanage that Ken is starting. They seem like nice people and it will be good to see Ken’s project that the Lord put on his heart.