Monday, August 15, 2011

To give it all..

What would it mean to give it all? To completely surrender your life, possessions, the people in your life, and everything to God.. Well its not going to happen over night but I believe its a life-long process and something we have to do everyday. Like waking up in the morning and saying, Lord this is Your day and You have control. Lately people have been asking me what my next step after Africa is... like will I move to Tijuana for a long period of time or what?

I have been thinking through Tijuana a lot lately.. I love it and I adore the people with all of my heart. It has become a home to me and it almost always is on my mind. And me going there for a long period time doesn't mean that I have to live there for the rest of my life hahaha. But my heart is also in other countries... oh how I long to do more! its so difficult sometimes.. I see so much need around the world and I want to travel there to help.. i want to be in their cultures, meet the people, love on them and hug them. I want to be in their lives. I want to truly make a difference.. and me staying in one place for awhile-- can mean that I can build relationships and truly make a difference in their lives. I know that the Lord will reveal in time, His will for my life.

I continue to praise God everyday that He opened my eyes to the real world and that He gave me a heart of compassion and love. Pray for those things in your life... God didn't just call some to have a Global heart BUT all of us... because God didn't just love a few but all. I head out to my mission soon and I am preparing everything. Its tough being home for this time.. I miss being on the field but I have seen that my love for Jesus has grown even more. He amazes me everyday. This joy has been growing in my heart that I feel so deeply in His will. :)