Thursday, February 17, 2011

To be called a gift..

Living each day here makes me realize more and more how blessed I am. The Lord is truly working and His hands are protecting us in Tijuana. I haven't written in awhile and LOTS has happened in the past month or so. In January I actually went home for 2 weeks to see my Pastor who is dying of brain cancer. It was a good time of refreshing my spirit and making me realize that I am in the center of our greatGod's will. I cameback to children screaming and running to give me great big hugs. My favorite moment was when 3 year old Josue came up and wouldn't let me go. We cuddled for the next 5 days almost the whole time when I was aroundhim. Our cook Teresa asked him.. "Josue, what is Tenielle to you?" he said, "a gift." Tears came into my eyes as I squeezed this little boy in my arms. I couldn't believe it. No onetold him to say that. My heart just melted and I kept thinking... how am I goingto be able to be away from them?

We are moving into the new girls dorm this week. My mom came last week to bless us. She painted little animals all over the new dorm and the girls were SO excited! It was good to show my mom even more how much I love this place. I have been praying a lot about what God has in store for me next. I know that I only have around 3 weeks left here then I will head home for a little while. I want to raise money for this place, Sergio, and my missions. The orphanage really needs a new car. I want to raise around
$2000 to get them a newer used car for them to be able to have to do things. I would love to also raise money to get another 15 passenger van. Ours are so run-down and break constantly. It makes me sad.

We spent the weekend with a couple from
Australia. They took the kids to tacos, the movies, an amusement park, and a park/zoo. It was a busy weekend of fun. I went on roller coasters with the kids. On the one that goes up-side-down I went with Geovany who is 8 years old. He dug his nails into my arm and screamed SO loud. It was ridiculous but a lot of fun. Most of the time I was responsible for 5 year old Alan. He is so precious! We had so much fun going on lots of different rides and his eyes would get so big! haha.

One of my favorite moments was when we got back to the orphanage my 12 year old Jeovany came up to me to give me a big hug and kiss goodnight. He said, "tenielle let me kiss you on the cheek to make the other girls jealous!" hahaha I laughed so much. :) I just adore these children.

One monday Sergio and I took my mom around to different places in Tijuana. We went to the hospice for a little bit, the Old Folks Home,
visited some poor families, and saw my friend Jesus. Jesus needs so much prayer. He is struggling. He has two ulcers, a hernia, bleeding in his esophagus, and then constantly on dialysis for his kidney failure. As I walked into his house I thought he was dead... my heart stopped. He was sleeping. But SO deeply that when I talked to him and touched him it didn't affect him at all. He had taken pills to help him sleep cause he hadn't slept in days. I just pray that the Lord will heal him and give him this transplant soon.

I praise the Lord everyday for the great people I live/work with in Tijuana. :) No matter where I go or what I do I know they will constantly be with me. Please pray for us! Prayer is what gets us through and if you want to help us just let me know :)