Saturday, October 23, 2010

Privileges of living in City of Angels

This morning I woke up at 4:45am so that I could help take Jesus to the hospital for dialysis. As I was getting ready a mouse ran past my feet and under my bed. I hate mice so much. I was hoping they were finally gone and I laid out some traps. I heard one the other night and it freaked me out so I slept with the little girls on one of the bunks. The people here tease me about the mice because they are used to having them. Some still hate them just as much as I do.

Then I went outside to have a stray ugly dog run out of one of our buildings we are constructing past me. haha I laughed and thought where am I? It is like I am living in a 3rd world country or something… haha. I waited for Israel to come out to leave for Jesus and I heard this little screaming as Israel threw a mouse on a mousetrap over this wall away from the orphanage.

So gross… It is the rainy season so I guess we are going to have more. Israel and I talked about all of it and he said you have so many privileges here… a pool in your room (from the rain water coming in under my wall getting everything wet) and you have pets crawling around your floor and bugs to keep you company. He smiled so big and said just imagine if you were serving in Africa… maybe God is preparing me for that. He said I bet instead of mice and dogs jumping out at you that I lion will. Haha. I love Israel so much and I said I know that God never said this would be easy but really I hate mice. J The blessing was is that I didn’t scream at all in seeing all these creatures come past me.

The little girls laugh at me and one night as I walked in they threw a furry stuffed animal at me and attacked me… trying to scare me even though I could hear them counting down out loud to the moment of trying to “scare me” haha. They all jumped on me and tickled me… it was horrible cause I couldn’t move. Such silly girls!

I was reading in the book of Acts last night about the life of Paul and all the crazy things he went through in sharing the gospel. I thought I couldn’t imagine being persecuted so severely. But we have to be willing to do anything for Jesus. No matter how dangerous, gross, dirty, scary, or uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable with hearing mice run across my floor but I know that it just a small thing that doesn’t even really matter and I don’t let it affect my serving here. We make it all a joke. They said why don’t you name your little friends and just get used to them being there because they are just cold. I am asking God to take away of the stupid fear and have me never to worry.

God is so good and finally my friend Jesus doesn’t have pain in his stomach! For the first time in over a month he is not in horrible pain. This morning for the first time he was smiling so big and happy… even in his time of pain he had joy in his heart but he was hurting so bad that he didn’t smile that much. But he always talked about the faithfulness of God and how much he loves Christ. My favorite things about this kid are his sense of humor, smile, and amazing faith. He has changed my heart so much and has showed me what it really means to trust God with everything in your life. I believe that I am here in Tijuana at this time to help my friend Jesus. To be a comfort, a person who loves him, and to show him even more how much God adores him. I praise the Lord for this wonderful young man in my life.

In the picture are two of my favorite little boys in the world. They are super special to me and amazing. Luis and Geovanny :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rainy Day in October

Today has been an exciting day of lots of rain. It seems like the past week it has been kind of rainy BUT today it has rained A LOT! Flooding the streets and making it all a mud slide.. Watergot into my room and got lots of my stuff wet but i didn't have to throw away much stuff. We are gonna fix my wall soon so this wont happen again.... maybe by fixing the holes in the bottom of my wall will make it a little warmer haha. Its all good though.. As we were driving to get something i was looking at the broken homes and how a lot have no good roofs or walls.. they must get SO much water. So sad.. so i have no room for complaining on the little thing that happened in my room.
This past week I have been working a lot with my friend Jesus who has kidney failure. I have been taking him to the hospital for dialysis and i went once with him last week to a doctor appt. to set the date for his transplant. Well we waited for 5 hours to talk to the doctor... and they talked for 15 mins and the doctor said that it should
happen in the next month or 2. I was so sad... He has been in so much pain with this stomach infection. But I am trusting that God will heal him in time.

I adore the new kids tremendously. I can't believe sometimes that i get to be in their lives :) God is good. Lots of other stuff has been happening too.. we have been talking to families about building them new homes and working with the kids. I am going to start an english class for the kids and piano lessons. They are excited about it all.

Thank you for all your prayers! I know God is working.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

First week back-- feeling the most blessed i have ever been!

What can i say? But that I am blown away by the love of the people here in Mexico. I have never had a better welcome or so many hugs in one day. :) This last Tuesday's was honestly one of the best days of my life!

I started out this week on Monday-- my mom took me to Fort Morgan and some friends let me stay with them that night and took me to the airport the next morning. I was super stressed in a lot of ways but also it didn't feel real. I had a great time with my friends and they blessed me very much. I got on my knees that night and prayed deeply to Christ to reveal His will for this trip to me.. to have me focus tremendously on the kids and to just grow in God. I was woken up
before my alarm and started to get ready.. i flew out of Denver that morning around 9:30 and got to San Diego around 11:00 (their time). Aaron (our office guy) picked me up and we had a change of plans. He needed to drop me off at the border and have me walk over.. i was like ok.. i have never done that before BUT im willing to go for it! AND Sergio was picking me up on the other side!!! I was so excited. So i got across the border and saw Sergios car. I ran over and hugged him so tight! I got my mexican father again!!! It was wonderful. He then dropped me off at the orphanage where I the kids were at school but the little ones were still there and the workers. I was SO excited. I bet i was beaming!

I hugged everyone and talked for a long time. Then later the kids got home from school. They screamed so loud my name and all ran to me to hug me. I couldn't believe how much they had grown in just 2 months. Oh how i adore them all! And the new kids are amazing too! We have 9
new ones! :) That night Aaron came by with all of my bags and things were different... he said the border stopped him and looked though ALL of my stuff. they broke my zipper on my big suit case.. and everything was mixed around. and broke a few little things.. THANKs! haha but its all good.. it happens.

I think this was the most excited they had been to see me in coming back :) i can't wait to see what the next 6 months hold. Yesterday I was able to visit the hospice for a little bit. Not everyone was there cause some were able to go to something.. and also we had lost some. Then i got to see my wonderful friend Jesus (Chuy).. he is so sick . I was bawling. he has kidney failure and has been in the hospital with a stomach infection for over 20 days. Yesterday he had just gotten home and i have never seen him in such pain... i told him how much i loved him and i had to go. My heart cried out in pain for him. It was tough. I spent a lot of time with Sergio yesterday and Zack a kid who is living here too from California. It was a good day. Last night we sang songs with the kids and had a little service just like everynight.. then we prayed over the kids and it was special. I kissed and hugged them all good night.

What a blessing this place is... i feel so undeserving. i love these people more than i can ever describe. Thank you Jesus for choosing me!